Betting On NRL - NRL Odds


Australian’s love betting on the NRL, and it has become one of most bet on sporting events in the nation. The large number of bet types, odds and options available for NRL games means that it is an exciting and plentiful betting market, especially popular with NSW and QLD punters because of the legendary State Of Origin matches.

Demanding endurance and speed from players, the NRL season that runs between autumn and spring each year, is full of stirring matches, and National Rugby League is considered the elite level domestic rugby league competition, so its no wonder that the fans and punters want to get in on the action!

NRL 2015:
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Fifteen Australian teams and one New Zealand team battle it out in a series of matches or rounds throughout the season, working their way up or down the Ladder Board in an effort to nut out the two best teams to qualify for and play in the Grand Final, with the winning team named as the season’s premiers.

Betting on NRL – Teams:

Brisbane Broncos, Canterbury Bulldogs, North-Queensland Cowboys, St George Illawarra Dragons, Parramatta Eels, Newcastle Knights, Penrith Panthers, South Sydney Rabbitohs, Canberra Raiders, Sydney Roosters, Manly Sea Eagles, Cronulla Sharks, Melbourne Storm, Gold Coast Titans, NZ Warriors, and the Wests Tigers.

Betting on NRL – Rounds:

Throughout the NRL season, the competing teams face off over 26 rounds in the lead up to the playoffs and the Grand Final which is held in early October every year. Each round is composed of eight matches, which are held Friday nights, Saturday, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, Sunday and Monday nights, with split rounds held each side of the State Of Origin games.

Betting on NRL – Factors to consider:

When betting on the NRL and determining which team has the most chance of success, there are a number of key factors to consider, they are:

Team players – Who are the key players in each team with the most field and game experience and the best career statistics? Do any of the players bear injuries that will affect their performance in the game? Who are the season’s best players, winning matches for their team and bets for their supporters?

Grounds – Where is the match location? Which grounds or stadium is the game taking place at? Whose home ground is it? It is usually an advantage for a team to play on their home field as they train there and know the conditions and the spectators are there to support them. What record do the teams have of games won from played on that field?

Conditions – This includes field and weather conditions. For example, is it expected to rain during the game, or has the field seen a large amount of wet weather? How do the team’s play in the wet/deteriorating conditions?

Team dynamics – Have there been any recent upsets or negative media attention that may affect the team’s stability and performance? Are there any new players who will change the dynamics of the team on the field?

All of these factors are considered by bookmakers when they set the odds for betting on the NRL – so punters too should look at these things before deciding on a team to win. Team loyalty is ripe in NRL betting, and often punters will not look at the statistics and facts and instead let pride in their team determine their bets. There is nothing better then getting out there and rooting for your team, but there is lots of money to be made from betting on the NRL teams with good form!

Betting on NRL – Ladder Board and Round Results:

When betting on the NRL it is essential to keep track of the NRL Ladder and the NRL results as well as the individual team statistics, which will change weekly with the rounds, and include the details of the team’s number of home and away games, number of games won and lost, their current position on the ladder board, and their total points scored. More detailed Ladder Boards will list extra information including the teams’ number of games lost by 1-12 points and won by 13+ points, which will come in handy when you place margin bets, or some of the exotic bet types that pay great dividends when successful.

Some of the more exotic NRL bet types allow wagers on the expected performance of the individual players, and so when choosing these betting options it is important to look at a more extensive list of the scores and results, which are available from the NRL homepage. These will list every player’s name along with the following statistics: their one-on-one tackles, 40/20 kicks, all runs, all run metres, completions, conversions, dummy half runs, errors, effective possession (%), field goals, goals, hit ups, in possession (%), ineffective tackles, kicks, kick metres, kick return metres, line break assists, line breaks, minutes played, missed tackles, offloads, penalties against and for, penalty goals, scrums for, tries, try assists, and tackle breaks. Pick your favourtie player to score the first try in the match, and you might just see yourself a few dollars richer if you’ve done your homework and know the statistics!

Betting on NRL – Bet Types:

There is a plethora of betting options when it comes to the NRL, that’s what makes betting on the NRL so entertaining. Here we will list the most popular wagers. Bets can be placed for NRL games round by round, on the State of Origin, on the final weeks of the season or just on the Grand Final game, which is the match to top all matches!

Standard wagers include: Head-to head, Line or Handicap, Futures Betting, Premiership Winners, Make the Top 4, Make the Top 8, Wooden Spoon, Miss the Top 8, The Big 2 vs. The Field, Group Winner, Top NSW Team Round 1-26, Top QLD Team Round 1-26, Make the Grand Final and Minor Premiers.

There are also a number of exotic wagers available when betting on NRL including:First and Last Try scorer, First Scoring Play, Man of the Match, Exact Score, Exact Winning Margin, First Team to Score, Half Time Result, Number of Tries and Total Match Points.These exotic wagers, though a bit more complicated, usually pay the best returns for the lucky punters who know their NRL!

The odds for betting on the NRL will change regularly, according to things like match performances and player injuries, and the markets for the different betting options will close as the season progresses; so make sure you keep a close eye on the odds to get the best value wagers, and there is always some great odds available on the NRL with plenty of money to be made!